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ClingWin Rules

1. What is «ClingWin»?

"ClingWin" is a unique and free social network for lottery fans, where in addition to the usual communication with friends, you join to an exciting FREE game, the winners of which will receive money prizes.

The main prize is 10000 EURO!

To win the top prize of 10,000 euro – get the Jackpot in any of the 8 free tickets provided to you for each day of the week (apart from Sunday)

Even if you have not guessed the Jackpot, you still remain in the game to play for small prizes in two other weekly tournaments: "Personal Tournament" and "ClingWin Tournament".

Participants who have won in any of the tournaments 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd places will receive cash prizes:

1 st place - 30 euro,

2 nd place - 20 euro,

3 rd place - 10 euro

Every day you will be provided with simulators of tickets of the following world lotteries:

·Monday - France Lotto (France)

·Tuesday and Friday - Euro Millions (Europe)

·Wednesday and Saturday - Powerball (America)

·Thursday - Super Enalotto (Italy)

Notice! We do not sell tickets and we are not representatives of any other lottery providers. Our site is a free simulator of world lotteries, with its own original rules and prizes. You can always check the prize numbers on the official websites of those lotteries.

2. How to play?

Register on the site and log into your account.

You will see 8 lottery tickets with numbers. Fill them out. You can select numbers manually by clicking on them or use the random selection button "Quick Pick". Then you need to click the "Confirm" button.

After you have confirmed the selected numbers - you are in the game!

The timer above the tickets indicates the remaining time to make your bets. After that, we will be waiting for the results and you can fill out the new tickets for the new lottery in the next day'ssection of the week.

If you get the Jackpot in one of the tickets your winning will be 10,000 euro. The matched numbers are highlighted in orange.

ATTENTION!!! In the event that several players winning the Jackpot the prize fund of 10000 euro will be divided equally among these players. Participation in "ClingWin" is free!>

«ClingWin Tournament»

After you have chosen and confirmed the numbers in the "Personal Tournament" the ClingWin section button will flash..

In that section you will find a list of players whose tickets can be “clung to”. You can randomly choose 5 players to cling to and create your team! Click "Cling to" under the participants’ name (click on the word "Cling to", not on the participant's photo).

You need to cling to the 5 players and then you're in the game!

Every day 5 participants can also cling to your tickets.

If one of the 5 participants to whose tickets you clung or one of the participants who clung to your tickets guessed the Jackpot on this day of the game, you get a bonus of 1000 euro.

Do not forget to check the tickets of those players after the end of the draw.

3. How to get the reward if you win

The administrator of "ClingWin" will contact each winner and after confirming some details they will transfer your prize to you. The prizes will be sent within 2 weeks from the day of your winning by one of two methods:

1. Transfer to your personal bank account

2. Transfers by "Western Union"

You can choose any method convenient for you!

Note: in the case of Western Union transfer, the service charge will be deducted from your prize money.

Attention!!! The prize money will be sent only to the original owner of the "ClingWin" account and only to the countries where registration is allowed by the site

Prize cannot be transferred to third parties to prevent multiple accounts being used by the same owner. In case of uncovering such facts, the member's accounts will be blocked without the right of renewal. Each member can have only one account!


"ClingWin" is intended for use by persons over 18 years of age solely for entertainment purposes, it is free and will always be free!


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