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ClingWin Rules

  1. What is “ClingWin”?
  2. How to play it
        * Personal tournament
        * ClingWin tournament
        * Duel tournament

  3. Bonus system
  4. When and where to get the results
  5. How to get a reward in case you have won
  6. Changes in the rules
1. What is «ClingWin»?

“ClingWin” is a unique free social net of the new generation, where, besides the usual chatting with friends, you can take part in a weekly raffle, very exciting and free-of-charge. Every week the winners of the raffle get awards. The main prize amounts to €2000.
To win the main prize of €2000 guess 12 numbers in any of 8 tickets given to you each week.

Do you think you are a lame duck? Well then, if you do not guess a single number in any of 8 tickets, you will win the main prize of €2000 as well.
Even if you don’t guess 12 numbers, you can go on contesting for smaller prizes in three tournaments: “Personal tournament”, “ClingWin tournament” and “Duel”

Participants who take the 1st, 2nd or 3d places will get money prizes:
The 1st place – €30,
the 2nd – €20,
the 3d - €10

2. How to play?

A). Sign up the site and get into your account
To better navigate on the site, you are offered some help through blinking windows with prompts after each performed action, follow them.

B). Get into your personal profile by pressing a flashing button: “Profile”
There will be 8 tickets with numbers from 1 to 24 in the opened window. Mark 12 numbers in each ticket. You can do it by hand choosing numbers in a random way or you can use the button of random number selection «Quick Pick».

After you have confirmed your selected numbers, and You are in play! 12 numbers out of 24 are raffled from Tuesday to Sunday for 6 days. 2 numbers are selected each day!
You can watch a draw on “ClingwinTV".

In case you guess all 12 numbers in one of 8 tickets or you don’t guess a single number in any of 8 tickets, your prize will be €2000!

Attention!!! In case several players guess all 12 numbers or they all will not guess a single number in any of the tickets, the prize pool of €2000 will be divided equally among these players.

May we remind that your participation in «ClingWin» is free!

«Personal tournament»

Scoring in “Personal tournament” is performed as follows:
If you have guessed I number in one of the tickets, you get one point.
If you have guessed 2 numbers in a ticket, you will get 2 points per each guessed number, i.e. 2x2 = 4.
3 guessed numbers will get three points each: 3x3 = 9.
4 guessed numbers will get 4 points each: 4x4 =16.
And so on up to 12 guessed numbers in line: 12x12 = 144.

After that the obtained results of each ticket will be summarized, and you will get your final result. The example of scoring is given in the picture below: (the numbers guessed are lit orange)

The participant whose final result is the highest is a winner!
The 1st place – €30, the 2nd – €20, the 3d – €10.

The personal tournament lasts for 2 weeks – 12 game days. Monitor the table of the personal tournament «Personal Table» to get daily results.

ATTENTION!!! In case the final score of several players coincides, the prize pool is divided equally among these players.

«ClingWin Tournament»

After you have chosen and confirmed numbers in “Personal Tournament”, the section ClingWin will start flashing in your profile.

You will find a list of players you should cling to. You choose a team of 5 players! Press «Cling to» under the participant (you should press on the word «Cling to» but not on the photo of the participant).
You should cling to 5 players, and You are in play!

Scoring in «ClingWin» is performed as follows: personal results of 5 players in your team are summarized to get your final score.
Each week a winner is a player whose final score is the highest!

The 1st place – €30, the 2nd – €20, the 3d – €10.
«ClingWin» tournament lasts for one week – 6 game days. Monitor the table of «ClingWin» tournament - «ClingWinl Table» to get daily results.

ATTENTION!!! In case the final score of several players coincides, the prize pool is divided equally among these players.

«Duel Tournament»

Pass on to the flashing section “Duel” in your profile
Before the beginning of each week you are given 2000 points. They are shown green in the scale.

On each game day, you can play with 2 participants.
To start playing mark 5 numbers from 1 to 24 in the section “Duel”;

you can do it by hand or using the button “Quick selection”, then indicate the point sum you would like to offer (20% maximum of the sum you have).
Press the button “Confirm”.

The opened widow presents you a list of players who have placed their challenges. All of them will mark 5 numbers, and the bet they have offered.
Press the button “Accept challenge” in front of any participant, after that he/she appears in front of you in the duel field.

2 winning numbers will be determined next day!
If you have guessed more numbers than your opponent, you have won, you take your opponent’s point sum.
If your opponent has guessed more numbers than you, he/she takes your duel point sum.
If you both have the same quantity of numbers guessed or you both haven’t guessed a single number, the draw is declared, and bets go back to their owners.

You can continue your game on the next day and again find two opponents for the duel.
At the end of the first week 2000 points more will be added to your points left after the first 6 days.
The winner is a person whose final score is the highest!

The 1st place – €30
The 2nd – €20
The 3d – €10
Monitor the table “Duel tournament” for results.

ATTENTION!!! In case the final score of several players coincides, the prize pool is divided equally among these players.

3. Bonuses

It is good news! If you invite your friends, You can get BONUSES!

If your invited friend guesses 12 numbers in one of the tickets and wins the main prize of €2000, you will get SUPERBONUS of €1000.

Bonuses in tournaments:
If your invited friend takes the 1st, 2nd or 3d places in the Personal Tournament or «ClingWin» tournament, you will get 50% bonus of your friend’s prize! There are no bonuses in the tournament “Duel”.

How to invite friends?
After signing up our site each player is given a personal link to invite friends. You can find it here: http://clingwin.com/?section=invite

Copy your personal link and send it to your friends or just put it into social networks. Anyone who will sign up by your link will be automatically added as your friend as well as introduced into the list of Your invited players.

This invited player will be always connected with you, the tickets and luck will bring victory to you both, as you will be able to get SUPERBONUS of €1000!
You can invite any number of people! The more invited friends you get, the higher are your chances to win!

4. How and where to know your score?

Every day from Tuesday to Sunday watch the game results in a special video “Clingwin TV”, which will be presented on the site. We determine 2 new numbers daily.
On Sunday the last two numbers out of 12 are determined, and winners are declared, after that you can immediately mark new numbers for the next week, for the next game!

5. How to get the reward if you win

The “ClingWin” admin will get in touch with each winner. After you have provided some details, the prize money will be sent to you. The reward will be sent to you within two weeks from the day of your victory.

There are two ways for it:
1. A bank transfer
2. “Western Union” transfer
You can choose the way that is most convenient for you! (Note: In case the winner chooses Western Union transfer, the transfer cost will be deducted from the prize money).

NOTE: The reward will be sent only to the owner of the “ClingWin” account and only to the countries where registration on the website http://clingwin.com/ is legal.

In order to prevent one person from creating several accounts, the rule states that prize money cannot be sent to a third party. If such a situation occurs, all the accounts will be banned without the right for recovery.

The rules specifically state that every player can only have one account!

6. Changes in the rules:

The administration of “ClingWin” social net retains the right of reviewing and changing the current rules. New rules or the new edition of the old rules will take effect from the moment they are published on the site.

(The prize pool may be reviewed for either the increase or decrease. The information will be announced in advance by the “ClingWin” administration)

“ClingWin” is designed only for adult users over 18 years old. It is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. Participation in “ClingWin” is free of charge.

Have a good time visiting our site and may the victory be with you!

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