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2017-05-29 14:55:00

The British luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce introduced the Sweptail car with a panoramic glass roof. The demonstration took place at the Concorso d'Eleganza show in the Italian hotel Villa d'Este.

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Volvo Cars and Tablet Hotels have opened a boutique hotel in the mountains of Sweden
The manufacturer of premium cars Volvo Cars and booking service for design hotels Tablet Hotels launched a joint project called Get Away Lodge. Thanks to it, travellers can restore their energy and "recharge" in a unique secluded hotel in the north of Sweden.
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Victory of Joan Ginther - mere luck or calculation?
People’s luck often causes both admiration and envy. People spread rumours that a lucky person achieves victory by fraudulent ways. So it happened with American resident Joan Ginther.
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Lotteries of Ireland
Colorful and bright Ireland does not differ from its neighboring countries and also have their own lottery, which for centuries has an incredible recognition among the population.
The Irish lottery starts its initial history in the fifth century. It was quite a long time ago, as you will agree. But the thing is that the times then were different and people simply could not play for anything significant, except for food or cattle.
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Some lucky lottery rituals
Do you consider yourself superstitious? Probably not, however you still crossing your fingers from time to time in anticipation of an important event or knocking on the tree to chase the bad luck away.
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Perfect places to go on holidays according to astrological calendar or where to go after winning the Jackpot?
Summer is in full swing, but what is the most desirable thing for all people at this time? Of course, to relax somewhere on the picturesque and preferably not too crowded beach at the sea or the ocean. Having a huge amount of money, you can go to relax anywhere. After all there are many prizes to be won daily all over the world, just choose the lottery, play it regularly and win!
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Something for the soul
There is something truly magical about buying a lottery ticket. Vast amounts of money beyond your wildest dreams only one small purchase away seems too good to be true. The chances of winning are astronomically low but there’s still a chance, right? All your dreams of going on expensive worldwide trips, buying all the luxuries of a wealthy life, paying off old debts, and of course having the satisfaction of sending a snappy goodbye email to your boss.
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