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It may seem to be impossible to come up with something new in a sphere of social networks in the times of global domination by Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It’s as if the time is stood still in the absence of new ideas. But as of recent, there is a new social network on the Internet with an original name: "ClingWin", with an absolutely crazy and never heard of idea that was invented and produced in Ireland.

What is "ClingWin" ?
www.clingwin.com - a free social network in a completely new style where aside from the usual communication with your friends, you are taking part in a weekly fun and free competition, winners of which receive prizes.

The main prize is 2000 euros.

In fact, this is the first world lotto-battle with original rules, lotto - battle between all participants in the social network "ClingWin", you could even say World Championship!
Registration is available in 26 countries. Ireland, UK, Iceland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The entire prize fund is an expense of the sponsors, which makes the use of the Site free for all participants of «CLINGWIN».
In addition to the main prize of 2000 euros, users participate in two tournaments: "Personal Tournament" and "ClingWin Tournament".

A truly fun competition, where you can try your luck weekly and stick to the good luck of others. The motto of ClingWin is "more than a social network "truly reflects the creative idea that was incorporated within the foundation of this start-up.
Registration is available at www.clingwin.com

One Minute about ClingWin!

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