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ClingWin Rules

1. How to win the jackpot of €10,000?

Register on our website and log into your account.
You will see 8 free tickets with numbers that you can use to enter the draw.
Fill in the lines by following available tips in the flashing windows.
If you guess all numbers in one of your tickets, you will win our jackpot, and your winnings will be worth €10,000!
Every day you are given 8 free tickets to enter the draw, and these are your 8 daily chances of winning the jackpot!

ATTENTION!!! If several players win the jackpot, the prize pool of €10,000 will be divided equally among the winners.

2. How to win €1,000 with the help of other participants?

After you have completed your tickets, you will notice the “ClingWin” section flashing in your account. There you will find a list of players whose tickets you can cling to. You can follow our tips in the flashing windows.
You can choose a team of 5 players!
Each of these players will have 8 tickets, just like you, which makes 40 tickets in total. If one of these 5 participants wins the main prize of €10,000, you get a bonus of €1,000!
Cling and win!

3. How to get the prize if you win?

The prize is sent within 2 weeks from the day of your winning in one of the following ways:
1. Transfer by Western Union to your name.
2. Transfer to your personal bank account.
3. PayPal.
You can choose the most convenient method for you!

Attention!!! The prize money is sent only to the owner of the ClingWin account and cannot be transferred to third parties. It is important to enter your real name when registering.

ClingWin is intended for use by persons over 18 years exclusively for entertainment purposes.
The prize fund is collected from advertising so our site is free and will always be free!

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