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Free Lotto World Championship

MAIN PRIZE - $ 100,000

Every day you get 6 free tickets to the following world lotteries:

  • PowerBall (USA)
  • Euro Millions (Europe)
  • MegaMillions (USA)
  • France Lotto (France)
  • German Lotto (Germany)
  • Cash4Life (USA)
  • Euro Jackpot (Europe)
  • elGordo Lotto (Spain)

Predict what the winning numbers will be in one of these lotteries and win our prizes from $ 8,000 to $ 100,000

Also, every day you can cling to the tickets of the other participants from different countries, if any of these players win the main prize, your bonus will be up to $ 3,000.


kubok Winner Country


Krystyna  Mirowska

Krystyna Mirowska


Elena Erohina

Elena Erohina


Free Lotto World Championship